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  • Brand: Hagen
  • Category: Bird Cages
  • Dimensions: 24.6" x 15.6" x 34.25" with 1/2" spacing
  • SKU: 1078618

Hagen Vision Bird Cage for Medium Birds

At Uncle Bill’s Pet Center, we not only offer Hagen Vision bird cages for sale, we also employ a highly trained staff that can assist you in finding the appropriate habitat for your bird. Vision's unique no-drawer design simplifies cage cleaning-simply detach the cage portion and empty the contents of the base into the waste bin. The result is less time-consuming, messy cleanups associated with bird keeping, leaving you more time to enjoy your pet. Vision's deep base can handle multiple types of litter, while raised ridges inside the base provide air circulation and help prevent mildew. The bird homes also allow non-invasive, exterior access to seed/water cups, reducing stress to birds during maintenance. In addition, multi-grip perches promote circulation and help prevent foot problems. The knock-down cages are easy to assemble with a five minute quick, click-snap assembly. Includes : 2 waste shields, 2 cups and 4 perches. We will be glad to work with you to ensure that your pet enjoys a quality enclosure for optimal health and happiness by providing the best selection and value on premium bird cages for sale in Indiana.

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