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  • Brand:
  • Primary Ingredient: Pork
  • Category: Dog Treats
  • Package Weight: 7.20 oz.
  • Grain Free? Yes
  • Frequent Buyer Program? No
  • SKU: 1087070

Yeti Dog Crunchy Pork Bites - 4 oz Dog Treats

$10.99 $9.89 for our loyal Extra Value Card customers!
At Uncle Bill’s Pet Center, we not only offer a vast selection of dog treats for sale, we also employ a highly trained staff that can assist you in finding an appropriate formula. Yeti Pork Bites are what you get when you take already irresistible treats and make them better. These bites are the result of coating small pieces of Yeti Crunchy Puffs in an all natural flavoring to make them even more savory for your dog. We will be glad to work with you to ensure that you feed your dog quality treats for optimal health and happiness by providing the best selection and value on premium dog treats for sale in Indiana.
Yak Cheese, Gelatin, Glycerin, Natural Pork Flavoring, Potassium Sorbate for Preservatives.
Moisture 8% Ash 6% Fat, Acid Hydrolysis 11% Fiber, Crude 0.1% Protein N x 6.25 72%