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  • Brand: Tetra
  • Category: Aquarium Water Care & Conditioners
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • SKU: 1070551

Tetra GloFish Water Conditioner - 4 oz

At Uncle Bill’s Pet Center, we not only offer Tetra water conditioners for sale, we also employ a highly trained staff that can assist you in finding an appropriate tank treatment. GloFish® Water Conditioner is a scientifically developed water conditioner with unique immune boosters and stress reducers that allow your GloFish fluorescent fish to thrive and display full coloration. This easy-to-use formula removes chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals commonly found in tap water – add it to all tap water before adding to your aquarium to ensure your fish are safe. This formula’s immune boosters and slime protectant promote GloFish health. Use when setting up a new aquarium, conducting partial water changes, when replacing evaporative water or when adding new fish. GloFish Water Conditioner is safe and effective for all tropical fish. We will be glad to work with you to ensure that you have quality and appropriate water treatments for the optimal health and happiness of your pets by providing the best selection and value on premium aquarium conditioners for sale in Indiana.